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Power NI continues to dominate the domestic market despite five years of competition. Its biggest rival is SSE Airtricity which supplies twenty one per cent of households. A long way behind but growing fast is North West based Budget Energy which has eight per cent. While it has a few thousand prepayment customers its attraction by far has been to keypad users. Electric Ireland, despite the backing of Ireland’s biggest energy firm, the semi state owned ESB, has made little inroads into the NI market. 

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Electric cars, solar panels, ground source heat pumps and wood burning stoves. The ways to cut your contribution to global warming are many and growing. What should you do and how much will it cost you? Click here for advice, tips and debate.

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Our calculator will assist you search for the tariff that suits your needs. Just answer the questions to find out how suppliers are ranked on cost. Then check what bonuses and penalties may apply. But before switching, you should read our terms and condit

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Switching from one form of central heating to another is a challenging decision. Should you stay or should you go. It’s worthwhile checking how different fuels compare in price though past results are no guarantee of future performance.

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