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Market loses supplier after wholesale price rise

When Open Electric went into administration last Thursday it was the end of the road for the small Belfast based company.Their supply licence was revoked which meant they could not continue to sell electricity. Their 1,100 customers have been transfe...

Published on 21/12/2016

Regulator plays down role of exports in power price surge

 The Energy Regulator has rejected a claim that exports of electricity to Great Britain have been a major cause in driving up the wholesale cost of power here.In a note to detailing the background to the recent rise in prices, the Regulat...

Published on 02/11/2016

Enquiry needed into rising cost of power

Since it first became clear that the wholesale price of electricity had markedly shifted upwards, explanations have been offered to explain the change. Just to recap: the wholesale cost of power has been around £30 a MWh or 3 pence a kWh for many ...

Published on 30/10/2016

Need to redo numbers for N/S Interconnector

There’s one clear message coming through about the North South Interconnector. If the power link isn’t built, the lights may very well go out. Both the Energy Regulator and the company which operates the electricity system have issued statements to t...

Published on 30/10/2016

Electric shock

For those who keep an eye on the cost of energy, recent developments in the wholesale markets have raised a few eyebrows. Oil, gas and now electricity have been rising sharply in price. For much of this year the wholesale price* of a unit of elect...

Published on 23/10/2016

Confused and contradictory energy policy

On those days when the sun is shining but the wind isn’t blowing, our wind turbines sit idle.At ten thirty this morning wind farms were meeting just two per cent of our electricity demand. Filling the gap have been generators burning gas but also coa...

Published on 19/10/2016

How big is the heating oil industry

How big is Northern Ireland’s heating oil market? As far as I know there are no official figures but on the basis of some national energy statistics, it’s possible to make a reasonable guess.Across the UK on average 1,970,000 tonnes of so called burn...

Published on 16/10/2016

Smart thinking about power

Now that Stormont has put smart metering on the long finger, is there another way for consumers to catch up with the rest of the UK, help manage demand for electricity more efficiently and most importantly get rewarded for their co-operation?The solu...

Published on 12/10/2016

No plan to compensate N/S Interconnector homes equally

It’s emerged there is no plan to offer homes along the Northern Ireland section of the proposed North South Interconnector the same compensation as their counterparts in the Republic. The General Manager of SONI, the body which operates the electric...

Published on 07/09/2016

Warm weather shrivels up gas bills

Gas bills for consumers are on course to be significantly lower this year year compared with last. It’s not just because of the drop in the wholesale cost of gas which has already led to lower retail tariffs though that helps. Another reason why con...

Last updated on 01/09/2016

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