Heating oil price falls sharply

Heating oil price falls sharply

The fall in the cost of a barrel of oil has fed through to the price of home heating oil. 

Since last December the charge for five hundred litres has reduced by around forty pounds. That's a fifteen per cent decrease. 

The result is that anthracite, heating oil and gas are all closely priced, broadly speaking, when you take into account boiler efficiency. The cheapest by a very small margin is anthracite.

But what about the competition between the two most popular central heating fuels?  

Despite the fall in the cost of oil, natural gas still retains its price advantage, albeit much reduced, over heating oil.

However there's only £20 in it when judged over a full year according to an estimate from enirgy.info. 

Natural gas cost £730 while heating oil came in at £751.

Published on 02/03/2020

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